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Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, and his accomplices in the Greek government, chiefly, Foreign Minister Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos, under whose ultimate authority the Greek government acts, have:

  • Cut off FOOD, MEDICINE, and HEATING OIL to the monastery, which has many elderly monks.  
  • Created an imposter monastery with the same name (Esphigmenou) to which all mail is now delivered, and to whom all assets of the monastery are to be delivered.
  • Cut off TELEPHONE service, including emergency telephone service, to the monastery in an attempt to prevent the outside world from learning of the callous and inhumane actions, against the least amongst us, defenseless monks.

Esphgmenou CrucifixionThe Holy Monastery of Esphigmenou appeals for the moral support of all people, so that the Human Rights and Religious Freedom of its over 100 monks will not be trampled and so that the Monastery may continue, without hindrance, to pursue its spiritual life and philanthropy towards all people.   Please call, fax, and e-mail the individuals responsible for this to protest and to show your support for the monks and their freedom.  All phone, fax and e-mail information is further down on this page:

Contact the Greek Government and the European Union

Please e-mail and call Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, and Foreign Minister Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos, under whose authority the Civil Administration and Greek Police in Mount Athos enforce the blockade and encourageEsphigmenou’s harrasment, demand an immediate end to these inhuman actions.  Please also e-mail the Ecumenical Patriarch and ask him to end his Un-Christian actions and show love toward the monks of Esphigmenou.

Contact the European Union, and the foreign ministers of its member states and ask them to inquire with the Greek government as to why they are abusing the basic and fundamental human rights and religious freedom of these monks who are citizens of Greece and citizens of the EU. Demand an end to the blockade of food, medicine, heating oil to the monastery and lift the government restrictions on free access to their own lands and waters surrounding the monastery.

You may also wish to reference what Human Rights Greece is violating regarding the monks of Mount Athos (Articles 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25) : Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Mount Athos Civil Administrator and Holy Community

Call and fax the local police and civil administration on Mount Athos who are on the ground enforcing the blockade as well as the 19 monasteries on Mount Athos who have shamefully turned a blind eye and have not stood up to protest these unchristian actions of the Patriarch:



1) Mr. Antonis Samaras Prime Minister of Greece E-mail: dialogue@politicalforum.gr
Telephone 011-30-210-338-5491 (private office number)   Fax: 011-30-210-323-8129
2) Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos Foreign Minister of Greece The Ministry of Foreign Affairs5 Vassilissis
Telephone 011-30-210-368-1812 Fax: 011-30-210-368-1433 Sophias Av, 106 71 Athens, GreeceForeign Minister contact form
3) Patriarch Bartholomew Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople E-mail:  Patriarchate@ec-patr.org
Tel: +90-212-635-4022 or +90-212-531-9670 Fax. +90-212-5349037
Ask to speak to the Patriarch himself, and express your opposition to the unchristian embargo of Food, Medicine and Fuel to Esphigmenou Monastery on Mt Athos, and to the Patriarch’s demand for the Monks eviction by the Greek Police.
4) Click here for a list of Members of Greek Parliament, E-mail members of parliament to ask them to put an end to this inhumae action.
5) Click here to submit an online petition to the EU, Refer to petition 361/2002.  If you wish to mail a document, the street address is:The President of the European Parliament
Rue Wiertz
6) Contact the Foreign Ministers of the other EU countries Ask them to inquire with the Greek Foreign Minister and the Greek Prime Minister as to this grave and flagrant violation of the rights of citizens of the EU.
7) Civil Administration of Mount Athos (on the ground directing and enforcing the blockade).  Have not stood up to protest these unchristian and unlawful actions
Tel: 011-30-23770-23230 Fax: 011-30-23770-23290
8) Holy Community (Iera Epistasia) Acquiesced under enormous pressure from Patriarch to vote to evict monks and set up imposter monastery.
Fax: 011-30-23770-23315
9) Police in Daphni – local police enforcing blockade under orders from Civil Administration and Minister of Foreign Affairs.
 tel/fax: 011-30-23770-23222 (call and ask to send a fax and they will turn on the machine)
10) Police in Karyes – local police enforcing blockade under orders from Civil Administration and Minister of Foreign Affairs.  They have seized, and continue to have in their possession, the monastery’s tractor which is their only means of getting food.
tel: 011-30-23770-23212     fax: 011-30-23770-23260
11) The 19 other monasteries on Mt Athos who have shamefully acquiesced to the Patriarch’s pressure to evict a fellow monastery, and ceded the independent status of Mt. Athos Phone/Fax numbers to all the Mt. Athos Monasteries

A sample of letters of protest that have been submitted:

źródło: www.esphigmenou.com  What Can I Do to Help?