Prodromu Skete on Mt. Athos Ceases Commemoration of Patriarch Bartholomew



Dear parents, monks, nuns and lay people have blessed the Romanian Orthodox Church,
With great joy in my heart I learned zeal and your love for God and His Holy Church, that “no gates of hell shall not prevail”. The zeal and love that are pleasing before Christ they are united with humility conscience.
Since the “Synaxis of Volos” could not directly support parents witnesses who stopped remembrance, given that many of Synaxis not interrupted remembrance, we parents hagiorite support and encourage ceasing to commemorate that your did.
Order to stop commemoration is not to restrict us in our selfish purposes and “autosalva” of ecumenism gap, because if so, we would be most miserable than ecumenists relativists who are deceived by the old serpent. Parents should be discontinued remembrance with fear and trembling than making mistakes, not an extreme path leads souls, a delusion, lest ceasing to commemorate have been driven by human passions. And this is observed when the brothers get angry and have not reached maturity spiritual to understand that stopping commemoration is not an end in itself but a means that parents have always used as a method to eradicate heresy, putting pressure the synods and bishops to deny that heresy. Currently we dreadful heresy, which is not only a Christological heresy or pneumatological or antitrinitară, but encompasses all the new heresy of ecumenism. Ecumenism is mainly ecclesiological heresy, which attacks the very being of the Church, speaking about reaching the unit without mention about heretics. In ecumenism speaks of a Church “extra muros” (outside the church), reversing the definition of St. Cyprian (outside the Church there is no salvation), in the Declaration of Toronto, so after the new thinking ecumenical “outside the Church is Church”. In the texts of the council of Crete in chip cunning were introduced teachings diplomatic and schizophrenic, dizzying, made specifically to deceive, unclear, lacking exactness theological and encompassing all theories ecumenist: theology baptismal theology of Eucharistic theology branches and all other heretical theories, historical name of “church” for heretics, especially the acceptance of so-called heretical dialogue catastrophic platform called “World Council of churches”.

In the face of this offensive against Orthodox ecclesiology which comes officially “synod” of Crete your church hierarchy, although they had an orthodox position in discussions of Kolimbari, however, have failed, and Oh! Heretical all signed documents. Not only that, there would be a chance that the Local Church Synod in Bucharest to be rejected synodal what they signed. I read with some joy original Greek translation of the judgment of the Romanian Orthodox Church, namely that the texts should “be explained to be rejected partially or developed by a future Pan-Orthodox Synod. Explaining their (…) should not be performed under time pressure, but if there is no consensus panorthodox, they should be postponed until it is perfected and build consensus “( But later I learned that term in Romanian was “nuanced” in any case “rejected”.

Thus, following the judgment BOR gives the impression that it is not disputed sinodicitatea what happened in Kolimbari, although we already have two judgments Synod of the Orthodox Church of Antioch saying that Crete was not a council but a meeting Primates preparation of a true “Holy and Great Council” and the Synod of the Bulgarian Church, which decided that the Assembly of Crete’s no saint, sea, or Synod ( php? id = 220 554 ). Also, Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus, Metropolitan Seraphim of Kithirelor Metropolitan Pavlos of Glifada Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavritei Metropolitan Ierotheos of Nafpaktosului and many others have expressed some terms all too hard and clear, others in Temeni May economia, but all keeping the same idea, namely that we have to deal with a council, but a formal acceptance of heresy, ecumenism in the Orthodox Church through diplomatic texts and schizophrenic.

By resolution synodal that gives Synod Hierarchy Romanian Orthodox Church, that it is accepted that “the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church” is really Synod and that only a future Synod of equal importance is no longer time pressure and not take decisions only by consensus panorthodox (implicitly acknowledging that there is no consensus panorthodox), but at the same time better to make explicit what has now adopted. How is it possible to accept that the Synod and “Great and Holy”, but that is not able to give clear text? Especially since the texts are challenged by 80 percent of Orthodox. How is it possible to accept anything as “Spirit” as long as they even say things that were done under time pressure and that things are not clear? Let us not forget that not only “antiecumeniştii” questioning “synod” of Kolimbari, but also great personalities known ecumenist, Christ Yanaras, Kallistos Ware and others. Orthodox Church Synod Did not realize that having such a schism in the Church induce position? Did not realize that when you accuse them of schism on the right parents who have applied Church canons (Canon 15 I-II Constantinople) interrupting remembrance, in fact self-blame? Because schism means departing from the truth and who accepts the Church “synod” of Kolimbari departs from Truth Church.
We parents Mountain, we openly support the discontinuation of remembrance names synod bishops who accepted the heresy of Kolimbari, Crete and have not even defined in a letter published this pseudo-synod. We also urge parents who stopped remembrance be sober and not to encourage movements schismatic passions of people who begin to blaspheme parents who have stopped remembrance and to welcome everyone to the chalice, not to mention another bishop instead nor to seek other bishops of local Churches, because this is non-canonical. It is enough that they cut their remembrance and confess Orthodoxy. We are aware that there are parents, scholars, monks and nuns who did not stop more memory, but make a work of enlightening people through writing, through public profession through websites, through books and through other means, and who judges his they will fall and fall into extreme and the Church. We expect all parents and interrupt memory hierarchies.
We parents Mountain, we do not encourage sectarian phenomena, schism, devotion to deceive (so-called saints) nor encourage rebellious ways and monks who go from house to house and show off witnesses to the faith gathering material benefits. True witnesses are humble, obedient, do not fuss with that remembrance stopped. When parents Aton stopped remembrance of his sad-memory Patriarch Athenagoras did not mention another bishop instead and had communion with those who found themselves, provided that when you come to the monastery not to mention, and all lay people were admitted to St. chalice. Parents who do not say much for the faith and sacrifice it will receive a crown. It should be noted that no value ceasing to commemorate the memory of those who stopped but did not announce the bishop and did so publicly. Before stopping memory, must of course be discussed with the bishop, to express things clearly, to discuss, and if the bishop publicly renounce the decisions of the council of Crete, ceasing to commemorate no longer makes sense.
Reverend hierarchs of the Romanian Orthodox Church em broadcaster humility that any persecution on parents who profess or by interruption of remembrance or any other form of confession is non-canonical (given that they signed in Crete formalize ecumenism) and do nothing give them crowns Dreptmăritori the persecuted, so we ask not “kick the spit,” but to fix what you can to get them unless synod, though each bishop individually to deny the public the heresy of Ecumenism and pseudo-council of Crete.
Heresy of Ecumenism was condemned by the Synod of Russians outside of Russia (ROCOR) from Vancover 1982, the union Synod of ROCOR and Moscow having as main condition just recognition by Moscow of all judgments ROCOR, including the Council of Vancover (which condemned ecumenism as heresy), Moscow Synod accepting this.
Also, ecumenism was condemned by the Synod of the Church of Georgia on October 8, 1998 ( -symfwnies-toy-toy-sampezy-kai-mpalamant-gia-thn-8ewria-TWN-kladwn-kai-poly-perissotera )
and does not accept “council” of Crete.
Then there is an inter-condemnation by the Synod (Conference) Orthodox churches in Moscow in September 1948 was attended by Autocephalous (including Romanian Orthodox Church) / decisions-about-the-ecumenism-the-pan-Orthodox conference-de-la-moscow-1948 /
Ecumenism was also condemned by Saint Justin Popovich as panheresy.
All Saints and Fathers of the twentieth century were condemned in writing and verbally ecumenism and they cunscut as heretical (Seraphim Alexiev, Augustine Kandiotis, Paisie, Dionysius of Colciu, Justin Parvu, Arsene Papacioc, Iulian Prodromitul, Ephraim in Arizona , etc.). Church Fathers clean conscience represented by passions, enlightened and deified condemns ecumenism as heresy.
Ciara currently pseudo-council of Crete has been criticized and condemned the resolution in Chisinau signed by Father Theodoros Zisis and Mr. Dimitrios Tselenghidis and many parents, the Synod of the Bulgarian Church, the Synod of the Georgian Church and many bishops, priests, hieromonks, monks, nuns and lay people worldwide, and the Synaxis of Volos, but also our Synaxis of the Holy Mountain, parents and pusnicilor from cells, monasteries and. For this reason, parents and siblings, and laymen who do not go to churches where they find themselves accepted hierarchy Crete, are entitled to do so from the canonical point of view.Stopping ecclesiastical communion in the case when there is heresy and always keep the conscience of each individual, layman or priest or bishop or synod Local. They are entitled First Holy Bible – Galatians 1: 8, II John 10, II Corinthians 6: 14-17, II Peter 2.1, then Apostolic Canon 31 (if the bishop is not manifestly nothing worthy of condemnation on the line faith and justice can not be separated from it cleric) and the Apostolic Constitutions – Chapter 19 of book II of the accountability and the laity stating that he must follow pastor which leads to destruction, then of Saint Basil high (letter 242, Tis Ditikis, epe 2 28 St. Athanasius the great, St. John Chrysostom, St. Gregory the Theologian, St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Maximus the Confessor, St. Sophronius, Patriarch of Alexandria, St. Theodore of Studium, St. Photios the great, St. Gregory Palama, Joseph Bryennios and Mark of Ephesus, and the Canon 15 from I-II Constantinople (case of heresy – interruption of remembrance), and also of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, urging those who have not departed sharing with fellow iconoclasts be allowed back into the Church by letter denying the iconoclast heresy because there were departed from communion with iconoclasts who were not yet convicted of Synod (minutes of the Ecumenical Councils, Tomos 3 729).
We paused in remembrance parents Athon I pray that God will enlighten all Romanian Orthodox Church hierarchy as a correction, which now can turn easily and inexpensively.Let us not forget that here we can not play with people’s souls and any worldly power would someone, all in a day will come before Law Judge to answer for what he did in life.Do not want to be instead of the bishops who signed Crete and have not publicly denied this, our request is therefore the chief priests have mercy on their souls first, because it will not be forever on earth.
Parents who stopped remembrance are sincere and have no other aim than the eradication of heresy, nothing, not wanting to make their “church” personal, not wanting to be in disobedience to the pastors, but to be obedient needed as pastors to “teach the word of Truth as” Christ.

They drew up and signed it:
Elder Gabriel cell of St. Christodoulos, Holy Monastery Koutloumousiou
Prodromitul Julian Elder, confessor Romanian Hermitage Prodromu
Elder Sava Lavriotul, Holy Monastery of Great Lavra
Elder Hilarion, the cell of St. Maximus the Confessor, Holy Monastery Koutloumousiou
Monk Dositei, Chilia St. Maximus the Confessor, Holy Monastery Cutrlumuş
Monk Hariton, Chilia Ascension, Holy Monastery of Vatopedi
Monk Cherub, Chilia Archangels, Holy Monastery of Great Lavra

To be signed by parents Holy Mountain.