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The mystical body of the Antichrist in the Soviet and apocalyptic Antichrist

Ten Point Program For Orthodox Life

Дивна Любоевич Христос Воскресе, радост донесе!

If Christ "giveth light to every man coming into the world", then why are some in darkness?

Valaam / Пасхальный Канон. Песнь 1, Греческий Распев - Хор Братии Валаамского Монастыря (1995)

Kanon Paschy pieśni 1-6 - Канон Пасхи (polskie napisy)

SUNDAY, May 15/28. Today is the Seventh Sunday of Pascha. On this day we Commemorate the Holy Fathers of the First Œcumenical Synod (Nicea, 325). It is also the Feast Day of Saint Pachomios the Great.
Readings: Acts 20:16-18,28-36, St. John 17:1-13.
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